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Built to be a super soldier for the Special Forces of her home planet Delta Four, Gail Storm is an invincible cyborg with a robot body and a cloned human brain of her madman creator. With the intellect of a prodogy scientist, Gail realizes she has the memories of someone else's life, but that is not who she is. She finds her own way in life as a new person and not as a clone with the help of biosynthetic cyborg, Angela Bruno on the planet Earth. Angela is built on Gail's designs with one important difference, Angela has a brain made with biochips made of silicone to mimic the function of human brain cells with some improvements such as faster information processing and a photographic memory.


Below: Angela and Gail together on couch. Dr. Robert Bruno stands, talking on his cell phone.

I, Creator -- Evolution of AI -- Teaser

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I, Creator -- Frankenstein Of The 21ST Century