Forget EVERYTHING that you know about THE UNDEAD.
The Rules Have Changed
Our #1 weapon against the undead is FBI vampire
Special Agent Dr. Lena Banks.
Read her adventures in these fine books.

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By Mike Cervello

Trade Paperback
70 Pages

"An Exciting double
dose of diversion
for fans of
horror fiction"


By Mike Cervello

Trade Paperback
525 Pages

"Cervello keeps this tale lively
with new challenges for the
field-tested Lena. Readers will
spend lots of time trying
to second-guess
Cervello's next move...
Goth and gore come alive"


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Enter a world where mortals are defenseless against the undead. Here, the government lets vampires police vampires. They were trained by the best to challenge an entire population of their own kind.

THE REFUGE OF NIGHT and HEART OF A KILLER do not reinvent the wheel of vampire lore, but rather go back to basics that were forgotten through the centuries. Dracula was not the first vampire. Tales of vampires can be traced back to biblical times to a demon woman of the night. The ancient Hebrews called her Lilith, Adam's First wife. The ancient Greeks called her Lamia, a former queen of a nation, cursed by Hera for having an affair with Zeus. Lamia became a creature of the night with snakelike features and drank blood of men and children. The Hebrews tell us, Lilith was unfaithful to Adam and bore children of the Devil. God sent angels to kill her children for refusing to return to Adam.

From that time on, she swore vengeance upon the whole human race and to kill the newborns of mortals. No references are made to sunlight destroying her, or wooden stakes, silver bullets, or decapitation as being any type of defense. God stationed angels with a sword of fire to preserve the ways of the Tree of Life, after banishing Adam and Eve. Indeed, it was angels who were able to kill the demon children of Lilith. There are also no known weaknesses ever disclosed about Lamia.

Drawing on these stories, CVK Publishing has restored vampires, as they were, before time distorted them, in a special book set from author, Mike Cervello.



In a world where only the supernatural can destroy the supernatural, we have a CHAMPION! Forget everything you know about the undead, the rules have changed.

Try staking a vampire or shooting a silver bullet through their heart and they will laugh at you before they rip you to pieces.

Sunlight only transforms them into corpses until nightfall when they regenerate to full strength, no matter what happens to their bodies during the day.

How do you kill someone who cannot be killed? How do you stop a creature with twenty times the strength and speed of any mere mortal?

The best weapon against a vampire is another vampire: she is FBI Special Agent Dr. Lena Banks. Fighting for the human race and her beloved mortal family. Trained by the US Special Forces and endowed with unique abilities from Heaven, she is our only hope against evil.

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