Our goal is to bring Hollywood professionals and Independent Filmmakers together to produce for television, theaters, tape, and DVD with a high budget look at a low budget rate to drive profit margins to their maximum potential and allow us to compete with reality based television shows and other competitors. We will utilize cutting edge technology and innovative creative talent as we move forward to give very talented and deserving actors, artists, writers, musicians, and crew people a fighting chance in a highly competitive business to earn the credit and fame due to them.

CEO and President
Mike Cervello


As our mission statement says, we will deliver the highest quality product at the lowest cost possible for the maximum return on assets. Right now, we are looking to shoot on 35 mm and edit on an Inferno. Our movies will be produced in the state of Louisiana where tax refunds on labor, investor credits, sales and user tax exemptions with a lower cost of living to save money. By bringing studio people together with Indie filmmakers, we will deliver original characters, and stories with a high caliber result that will create a winning team. Our movies are multi-ethnic and will have a worldwide appeal. Right now, we are working to bring top names around our very talented cast and crew that will appeal to niche markets and territories everywhere. We have opened additional starring roles for worldwide distribution in accordance to the Ulmer's scale.

Combine this with new kinds of heroes, wire fighting, special effects, elemental beings with super powers in a new mythology for the twenty-first century, and we will have a major box office attraction. We are shooting two sequels together to save production time and money.

Our long term goal is to create an Independent Television Network not just for Independent feature films, but also for Independent television series that can be made for less and have original ideas and characters with high production values using innovative technology. We expect VSA movies to lead to an ongoing original TV series.

Still Available:

Email Mike Cervello for a special anamatic DVD with 9 minutes of the look and feel of VSA#1 and VSA#2. It's the fastest and most exciting 9 minute presentation you've ever seen. It's absolutely free. Just state your company and your name to verify who you are, and where you want it sent.

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Now In Production:


Seven long years in the making. I, Creator 2 -- Goddess Of The Hunt -- The Director's Cut is all round better than I, Creator and the 22 minute version of I, Creator 2 -- Goddess Of The Hunt with a story that comes full circle, more action, better Vfx, and never before seen footage.

Trailer for I, Creator 2 --GOTH -- Director's Cut 2018





I, Creator

Screenplay By Mike Cervello

I, Creator Preview

View Trailer here

A Micro Budget Movie

I, Creator News

A web site will be created for the production with bios of the selected cast and crew, a section on the making of the movie, a teaser, and information on where the DVD can be purchased. The web site will give exposure to the people who worked on the movie.




Angela & Gail Again

Angela and Gail are well over six feet tall with towering height in the script and also in the movie and weigh over eight hundred pounds as they were both built to be indestructible combat machines with materials that come from Gail Storm's home planet Delta Four.


Preproduction for I, Creator has ended.

Principle Photography

Principle Photography ended March 25, 2009.

Below is our greenscreen shoot for our TV newscaster footage.


We have our TV newscaster Marija Stajic Salvetti with DP Rich Drezen clowning around on set after Marija's shooting day. We shot Marija greenscreen to put a virtual newsroom behind her in post.


Left to right: Galina Friant as ET cyborg Gail Storm, Mark Fernandes as Dr. Robert Bruno, Christina Orloff as Angela Bruno, Harlan Strauss as Let. General Steve Dalby. In the movie, I, CREATOR, Angela Bruno talks the general into letting Gail Storm come home with herself and Robert to live as a person instead of being kept as government hardware to help change Gail's outlook on humans as the killers of her people and to win her over as a friend. The general allows the Brunos to bring Gail home after some precautions are taken. Angela herself is a biosynthetic super soldier and scientist based on Gail's designs.

Darren Assante as an ex-Delta Force commando who meets up here with Dr. Robert Bruno after returning to the Bruno's house with Angela.

Left to right:Gerard Adimando and John Felidi are two terrorists gunmen who hold the Brunos hostage in the movie.

Toni Vitale plays Gina, Robert Bruno's ex-girlfriend who stirs things up into a major turning point in the movie.

Natalia Korablina wearing blue plays a surprise character in this scene with Galina Friant wearing black as Gail Storm and Christina Orloff wearing red as Angela Bruno.


Angela invites the general over to the Bruno's house to see that Gail has a human side to her. Gail has a robot body with a human mind.

As much as Angela learns about humans, there's a side of her that embraces her true self as a super human biosynthetic defender of humans. Gail learns to trust Angela more and more and even begins to trust Robert even though he was the one who shut her down on her home planet Delta Four.

Returning cast left to right: Galina Friant as ET cyborg Gail Storm, Christina Orloff as biosynthetic cyborg and Dr. Robert Bruno's daughter, Angela Bruno, and Darren Assante as the ex-Delta Force captain assigned to give the ladies survivalist training out in the wild.

We came we saw and we conquored in Forest Park in Queens, NY this past week for our shoot. Nothing could stand in our way with Angela and Gail on our side. Here Galina and Christina pose with one of our props.

Left to right: Galina Friant as Gail Storm, Director Mike Cervello, Darren Assante as the Survivalist, and Christina Orloff as Angela Bruno.


A History of Artificial Intelligence. 

A new teaser for the upcoming Sci-Fi movie, I, CREATOR.



An interview with Actress Marija Stajic Salvetti by Executive Producer Mike Cervello


our composer Mike Anzel's sound score for our

I, Creator Trailer

I, Creator

Earth - 2062: Dr. Robert Bruno is commissioned to reverse engineer the technology of ET cyborg Gail Storm, taken from her home planet Delta Four in the Alpha Centauri star system. The goal is to make an army of super soldiers to kill terrorists in the Middle East. Remembering the lessons of Frankenstein, Dr. Bruno builds a daughter, Angela – a prototype biosynthetic super soldier - with firmware never to kill humans or allow other machines to kill. This change in programming is discovered by the Military and the Bruno family battle with them when orders come to unleash new cyborg killers onto the battlefield. Quickly, the Military learns cyborg super soldiers are too powerful and too independent for any human to control.



Below, see our stars in action.


From the memory chip of GAIL STORM . . .

Behind the scenes of I, CREATOR . . .

Photos by Galina Friant






New Now In Production. See Below!


View the latest on the new 36 minute Director's Cut on the link below.