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I, Creator Teaser from the original 2008 Footage 2017 from Mike Cervello on Vimeo.


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I, Creator

Earth - 2062: Dr. Robert Bruno (Mark Fernandes) is commissioned to reverse engineer ET cyborg Gail Storm (Galina Friant), taken from her home planet Delta Four in the Alpha Centauri star system. Bruno is to make an army of super soldiers to kill terrorists. Before he does that, Bruno secretly builds a daughter, Angela (Christina Orloff) a prototype super soldier - with firmware never to kill humans or allow other machines to kill. Bruno's defiance is discovered and the family battles the Military who are ready to unleash new cyborg killers onto the battlefield. Harlan J. Strauss plays Lt. General Steve Dalby and Darren Assante plays an ex-Delta Force captain. Mike Cervello's story takes place in 2062 to commemorate the centennial of Artificial Intelligence research, which began in the 1960s.

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