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When Special Forces Cyborgs are sent to rescue Amazons kidnapped from their home planet by aliens, the cyborgs discover the Amazon goddess, Artemis on a mission to save humanity from Ares.

"Built as better soldiers and greater weapons, they were never expected to learn the value of life."

Trailer for I, Creator 2 -- Goddess Of The Hunt -- Director's Cut -- 2018



Run Time: 36 minutes 20 seconds


Artistic Commentary




One Minute Trailer


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Taking AI, The Singularity and Robotics to the next level



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Starring Daniela Dakich as Artemis, Melissa Klein as General Angela Bruno, Galina Friant as General Gail Storm, Katarina Radivojevic as Colonel Roberta Azzurra, Jennifer Plotzske as Major Summer Storm, Justine S Harrison as Colonel Alkaia, Setor Attipoe as Captain Callisto, Malin Tybahl as Private Philippis, James Santopolo as Orion and Silver Demon Hunter #4, John Zion as Ares and Silver Demon Hunter #1, Koji Nishiyama as Silver Demon Hunter #2, Mohamed Alshami as Silver Demon Hunter #3, Gerogiv Litvinov as Silver Demon Hunter #5, Gisela Garbezza as the voice of the Queen and Andromeda, E Talley as the voice of Ares, and Janet Fiki as Sergeant Antianara. Written, Directed, Edited, Casting by and Executive Produced by Mike Cervello, Director of Photography is Joe Valenti, Sound by Mike Ansel, Special Forces Advisor is Spiro Antonopoulos, Prop Master is Nick Katerelos, Second Unit DP is Yasuaki Nakajima, Second Unit Sound is Jon Flores, Production Assistants are Rodney Jones, Peter Kalmring, Raymond Choi, and Kenny Broadway. Voice Over Services by LRP Studios. Conceptual Art by Dale Ziemianski. 3D Animation of Spaceship leaving Earth in Prologue by Motion City Films. 22 & 36 Minute Version Original Music by Barbara J Weber.


The Next Generation of Special Forces Soldiers

The Singularity has arrived on the planet, Delta Four, an M-Class planet that supports a Matriarchy Society of human life. It is in a neighboring star system to Earth. It is a world where women have physical superiority over their men. Cyborgs, AI cyborgs, and Trans-Cyborgs are in complete control of the Special Forces. No more human lives to be lost. However, shabby treatment by humans leads to cyborgs resenting humans. The cyborgs were created to protect humans. But, they want to be respected as intelligent artificial life forms. The humans refuse. This leads to conflict between humans and cyborgs. Trans-cyborgs feel they belong to both sides. But, feel out of place with both.

Cyborgs - artificially created beings with some human organ or organs and machine parts to complete their total being.

AI Cyborgs - have 100% synthetic brains and nervous systems inside machine bodies with human appearances. They too are artificial beings.

Trans-Cyborgs - humans who were transformed into cyborgs after their human bodies were destroyed or rendered useless from explosions in the battlefield. Most cannot adapt giving up human qualities such as touch and to make love in exchange for an indestructible body with super human abilities.

Below is a preview of Super Artificial Intelligence in action. 

Exciting screen grabs from our film.

The Special Forces Cyborgs of the country Aretias from the planet, Delta Four. They have landed on ME21 in pursuit of their Human sister soldiers abducted by the silver demon hunters. Their mission is to rescue as many Humans as they can and to destroy the silver demon hunters.

ME21 A planet in a binary star system. This is the hunting grounds for strange aliens known as the silver demon hunters who hunt Humans for sport.


The Amazons

The Amazon soldiers of two nations from the planet Delta Four are abducted here on ME21 by the silver demon hunters.


The Silver Demon Hunters

The cyborgs go head to head in battle with the silver demon hunters on ME21.


Cyborg Special Forces Colonel Roberta Azzurra from the country of Aretias makes friends with Captain Callisto from Liberberia to start an end to a war going on between the nations of Liberberia and Aretias on their home planet, Delta Four.


Artemis shows Cyborg Special Forces Colonel Roberta Azzurra why Humans fear cyborgs.


Artemis explains the value of life to the cyborgs.


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Here is a promo clip for I, Creator 2 - Goddess Of The Hunt.

Extended trailer for the new 36 minute Director's Cut.





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In the first I, Creator, the humans made the cyborgs to kill humans, but the cyborgs refused.

In I, Creator 2, Cyborgs Angela Bruno, Gail Storm, and Roberta Azzurra return to save the ancestors of Humankind on a

far off planet with the help of Artemis: Goddess Of The Amazons and The Hunt.


Artemis: Goddess Of The Amazons arrives in I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt on a mission to save humanity from Ares: God Of War by teaching humans and their creations, the cyborgs, how to live together in peace in the heat of battle with silver demon hunters who hunt humans for sport. The Amazon Queen sends the Special Forces Cyborgs to rescue the Amazons and exterminate the silver demon hunters with extreme prejudice.



Artemis Arrives in I, Creator 2 - Goddess Of The Hunt



Cyborgs, Artemis, and Amazons from the planet, Delta Four.


The Special Forces Cyborgs of Delta Four arrive to save the human Amazons from the silver demon hunters.


 Invincible, unstoppable, unchallengable, their existence brings the human maker back to meet them and humans of another evolution in this sci-fi fantasy film.


The cyborgs survived a nuclear war that destroy all other life on Earth. On a new world in a new star system they defend humans of another evolution from space aliens.


Armed or unarmed, the cyborgs are dangerous weapons as General Angela Bruno demonstrates by single-handedly taking out 2 silver demon hunters herself.
A cyborg stumbles upon the horrors of the Planet ME21
The Cyborgs discover Artemis.

What's Next?

Shooting Essential Pickup Footage Spring 2012


We will return to Forest Park to shoot essential pickup footage for our production.


The Strike Master

An Earth Spaceship built in the year 2060 it became the first ship to travel to another star where humans found another world of humans run by high tech Amazons. Dr. Robert Bruno brought back cyborg Gail Storm to Earth. Angela Bruno was created from reverse engineering Gail Storm. Later on, Angela and Gail built Roberta Azzurra. In the year 2062, these three cyborgs became the legacy of Earth when the humans destroyed themselves with a nuclear war. Angela, Gail, and Roberta took the Strike Master to Gail's home planet, Delta Four where they became champions of their new world as an army of cyborgs were built and tensions between humans and cyborgs grew. After seeing one world without humans, Angela, Gail, and Roberta work tirelessly to ensure humans and cyborgs can live in peace together with the help of the Amazon goddess, Artemis and Gail's sister cyborg, Summer Storm.

Inside the Strike Master

The cyborg crew (left to right) Angela Bruno, Roberta Azzurra, and Gail Storm. Gail is piloting the ship back to her home planet.

Delta Four Space Station Twenty Years Later

Inside The Space Station, the cyborgs are intimidating around the humans.

(Left to right: General Gail Storm, General Angela Bruno, Private Philippis, Philippis' husband Orion, and Major Summer Storm.)

Andromeda clashes with the Silver Demon Hunter Mother Ship!



The Country of Aretias on Delta Four

New VFx.


First look at revised Andromeda.

The Cyborg crew of the AI Military Battle Ship with its human guests.


Inside the Mind of Andromeda


About The Film

A completely self-funded independent pilot film by Mike Cervello with a targeted market of small cable TV Networks

to launch a science fiction and magic action / adventure comedy series with campy humor.


New A 36 minute version is in development, the Director's Cut, for festivals and hopefully DVD, Blu-ray, and digital downloads. A new cyborg spaceship is coming to replace the old one in the previous 22 minute film. New special effects, a whole new fight scene, and new scenes will be revealed in the 34 minute version.

For more information Contact

email Executive Producer Mike Cervello