I, Creator 2: Goddess of the Hunt will screen at the Bare Bones International Film Festival on April 9, 2013 at 3:30PM in the Azalea Screening Room in Muskogee, OK.


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When Special Forces Cyborgs are sent to rescue Amazons kidnapped from their home planet by aliens, the cyborgs discover the Amazon goddess, Artemis on a mission to save humanity from Ares.

Artemis&Ares Callisto Philippis Alkaia Bruno

"Built as better soldiers and greater weapons, they were never expected to learn the value of life."


Rogue Cinema Magazine August 2012

"Mike Cervello is a one-man band. He wrote, directed, edited, and cast this 20-minute film short. He also created the numerous computer effects for the film as well. Described as a campy sci-fi, action/adventure comedy with a strong infusion of magic, it's being billed as being "like every sci-fi show you've ever seen, but unlike anything you've seen before", and that is an absolutely accurate statement. The show is most certainly campy, with beautiful cyborg women in black spandex and leather fighting "silver demons" who wear full-body silver leotards and shades and carry battle axes from a cheap prop shop. "

The Independent Critic August 2012

"I  found myself really wanting to love I, Creator 2: Goddess of the Hunt, a 22-minute labor of love by writer/director Mike Cervello. Cervello is a relatively new filmmaker who self-financed the entire production costs of the film by weaving together the ole' tax refund, emptying out his 401k and even taking out a line against his life insurance." 


Starring Daniela Dakich as Artemis, Melissa Klein as General Angela Bruno, Galina Friant as General Gail Storm, Katarina Radivojevic as Colonel Roberta Azzurra, Jennifer Plotzske as Major Summer Storm, Justine S Harrison as Colonel Alkaia, Setor Attipoe as Captain Callisto, Malin Tybahl as Private Philippis, James Santopolo as Orion and Silver Demon Hunter #4, John Zion as Ares and Silver Demon Hunter #1, Koji Nishiyama as Silver Demon Hunter #2, Mohamed Alshami as Silver Demon Hunter #3, Gerogiv Litvinov as Silver Demon Hunter #5, Gisela Garbezza as the voice of the Queen and Andromeda, E Talley as the voice of Ares, and Janet Fiki as Sergeant Antianara. Written, Directed, Edited, Casting by and Executive Produced by Mike Cervello, Director of Photography is Joe Valenti, Sound by Mike Ansel, Special Forces Advisor is Spiro Antonopoulos, Prop Master is Nick Katerelos, Second Unit DP is Yasuaki Nakajima, Second Unit Sound is Jon Flores, Production Assistants are Rodney Jones, Peter Kalmring, Raymond Choi, and Kenny Broadway. Voice Over Services by LRP Studios. Conceptual Art by Dale Ziemianski. 3D Animation of Spaceship leaving Earth in Prologue by Motion City Films. 22 Minute Version Original Music by Barbara J Weber.

This version was entered into the Bare Bones Film & Music Festival and listed under Sci-Fi Shorts.

Please note: This film is not available on DVD or VOD.

This Film has been removed from the Internet. There is a new and improved 36 minute version going out to film festivals right now.

Here is a select scene from I, Creator 2 - Goddess Of The Hunt

IC2Clip4IMDB from Mike Cervello on Vimeo.


A One Minute Trailer

Although teenagers will be the biggest audience for this Sci-Fi Comedy series, comic book and science fiction fans of all ages are welcome to become part of our universe.

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A completely self-funded independent pilot film by Mike Cervello with a targeted market of small cable TV Networks to launch a science fiction and magic action / adventure comedy series with campy humor.

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email Executive Producer Mike Cervello

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