VSA #2: The Archangels' Adventure
(An Original Concept for movie theaters)

The Vision

Get ready for a new type of Science Fiction Action Adventure movie that has elemental beings fighting with super powers with spectacular wire fighting, CGI, with some of the best martial arts in the world. What's the catch? It's being done for a budget of under $20 Million.

The Story

Enter a different world unlike our own, where vampires and angels have been at war since the dawn of humanity. Semitic legends tell us the story of Lilith, the first woman made from the ashes like Adam. She left him to mate with Satan and gave birth to demon children with snake-like features that became the first vampires.

Lilith became cursed with human-viper features to resemble her children and God sent three angels to slay her first born. A forth angel, Alexis, was assigned to hold her down to watch the slaughter of her children as God was creating Eve to replace Lilith who, legends tell us, became the queen of Hell.

Since this time, the untold story is that angels and vampires have been at war for thousands of years. New species of vampires emerged from the original strand. The original snake-like vampires became vampire-dark angels. Undead vampires spawned from black magic from Satan. To balance the scales of power in the world of the living, the other side created vampire-angels from the rebirth of three chosen vampires.

From the ranks of the vampire-angels, a champion emerged (to be played by TV and film action star actress and both Black Belt Hall of Famer and Martial Arts Hall of Famer, Karen Sheperd), bearing the soul of the mighty archangel Alexis. Alexis was rescued from the hands of death by the supreme being of the Cosmos and was reborn with a noble mission to bring peace to all species of humans, vampires, and angels everywhere. From her former life as Alexis, Lena Banks has the skills and powers of the perfect weapon to destroy all evil along with Andrew Smith who was her husband, Michael the Archangel (played by I Come In Peace, Talons of the Eagle, and Kickboxer 2 action star Matthias Hues) thousands of years ago. Her partners, Romola Romano (actress to be announced) and Tina (Best Actress Award for the 2002 NYIIF&V Festival and 2003 Sundance Film Festival Award for Emotional Truth Special Jury Prize) and Canadian Nationals Martial Arts Champion, Katheryn Winnick) are her most trusted allies, outside of her celestial world of the angels. Romola and Tina fight by her side and hold secrets with the angels that no mortal may know. Andrew and Lena train Romola and Tina in combat which makes them more than a match for most supernatural villains.

One human flaw that Alexis has that promises to be her greatest asset is compassion. Of the party of four angels, she was hurt the deepest, witnessing the slaughter of the infants. On the following day, guilt brought her back to the scene of horror to discover that the angels missed one infant. She risked the wrath of God to save the child.

As the youngster grew to adulthood, she became the infamous monster, Lamia of Greek legends (actress to be announced). What is the dark bond between Lamia and Alexis that prevented the archangel from slaying this daughter of darkness twice? What other horrors does this angel of death hide with her past?

Please note: VSA#1 and VSA#2 are targeted to be made together to save on production costs and maintain creative consistency.

Modern Day Myth Productions LLC Presents:

VSA #2:
The Archangels' Adventure

Karen Sheperd as
Lena Banks

Matthias Hues as
Andrew Smith

Katheryn Winnick
as Tina Adams

Karen Sheperd, Mike Cervello, Matthias Hues